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Video and audio streaming made easy

posted 22 Mar 2016, 06:25 by Ben Edwards
Recently I have been doing video and audio streaming.  Thought i would share with you my experiences.

For either of these you need a internet service provider who provide a streaming service.  I use a small community service in Bristol, They provide a very cost effective and reliable service.


Adobe provide a great, and free, video streaming program.  There free version is still available and works well.  There free version is still available from Adobe Media Encoder. Its relatively easy to setup and provides a reliable stream to send to your streaming provider.


While Adobe Media Encoder can encode audio i prefer to use a Rasbery Pi with darkice installed on it.  This provides a simple plug and play solution.  you simply turn on the Pi, plug it into the audio source and it starts streaming.  I use Streamer Radio to monitor the levels.

Will add more to this post soon.