FCP X Training

FCPX is a new (and some would say exiting) approach to video editing.  It has been used very successfully by enthusiasts, artiest and broadcast alike.  The BBC first used it for The Culture Show and now use it for News Gathering and Documentery.  It has even been used for a big budget Feature Film (more here).

Now here is the rub, FCPX is a new editing paradigm, existing editors trying to learn it by playing with it (even sometimes with good online tutorials) have been tying themselves in knots, trying to adopt there current work practices to X.  This has worked before, moving between Première Pro, Avid and even Sony Vegas is relatively easy.

So with this  in mind I have been developing and teaching  a FCP X Course, 'The FCPX Way'.  It can be an intensive one day course (be warned it is a long day)  or 2 two day course.  It teaches a FCP X methodology, starting with arranging footage on your Hard Drive and ends with sharing (exporting) the video.  The course is s series of session each with a practical component.

Example Course Outline

Getting Started
Arranging footage on Hard Drive, Introduction to FCPX Interface, Libraries, Events, Importing.

Arranging Material
Roles, Keyboard Collections, Markers, Favourites, Rejecting Selections.

Basic Editing
Induction Magnetic timeline, assembling a basic edit and timeline preferences.

Audio Editing
Editing, balancing and sweetening and balancing audio.

Advanced editing
Gap Clips, Trimming, Speed Effects.

Polishing The Edit and Sharing

Titles, Transitions, Effects, Colour Correction, Image Stabilisation, Resizing.

The course is run as and when people want it and  can be tailored for groups.  I can even offer one to one tuition if required. Costs vary but start from as little as £100.  If you want to find out more please Contact Me.