FCPX Tutorials

I have watched a lot of tutorials and include the good ones here.

Getting Started

Quick Overview/Getting Started

Watch this first to get a general idea how things work and how to import (read not below after watching).

Getting Started

This video recommends creating optimised media and not leaving media in place. Doing this would use a lot of disk space and is not necessary (unless you have a old mac). So leave media in place and do not create optimised or proxy files.

Media Management - Library Model Overview

Simple introduction about Libraries & Events and using them

Media Management - Library Model Overview

Libraries, Events & Projects

More info on libraries

Libraries Events and Projects

Keyword Collections (tagging), Favourites and Reject

Excellent tutorial on organising your media.

Keyword Collections (tagging), Favourites and Reject

Smart collections

Smart colections


Basic Editing


How to set, label and change Colours of Markers and go to next/prevoous.

Markers - Basics

Quick Tips
  • To create marker and edit its name Option (Alt) + M
  • To display the name of the markers open timeline index (icon bottom left) and select Tags at top of panel).  See 1/2 way down this article.
  • Goto next previous marker Ctrl+semicolon(;)/apostrophe(')

Primary Colour Correction

A great tutorial to grade your image and sort out brightness and colour casts.

Basic (Primary) colour Correction/Grading

Compound Clips / Subclips

Secondary Storyline / Grouping Clips

Secondery Storyline / group Clips

Similar to Compound Clips but you can see all the edits. They tend to be used for a series of connected clips.   It has the advantage that you can edit clips like in the main storyline (i.e. rolling edits).

Command+G                Make Secondary storyline (right click menu after selecting clips)
Shift-Command-G       Break apart storyline (in Clip menu)



Couple of quick tips.  Firstly create a keyword collection and put all the camera footage (and any separately recorded audio) in it.  Secondly go to the info tab of the inspector and label the cameras (Cam A, Cam B etc.). 

Keyboard shortcuts: 1-9 creates a cut and changes to the angle.  Option 1-9 switches to the angle (without creating a cut, this basically changes the angle from the previous cut).

Multicam quick and simple

Multicam quick and Simple

Multicam In More Depth

Multicam In Depth

Edit Multicam Audio

Multicam in even more detail

This is a series of 3 videos covering multi-cam in even more depth


FCP Backes up you your project database (not media, just the database) every 15 minutes.  Below explains this and how to restore.

Automatic Backup and restore of project database